May 27, 2015

Jeremy Wade's Fishing Rod Travel Case

I have been getting into the show River Monsters with host Jeremy Wade.  In this show he always travels with a green fishing rod case that looks well worn and obviously an old friend.  I wanted to get something like this for carrying my rods and traveling with them on an airplane so I spent some time tracking this case down
No one has previously identified this specific case in my searching on forums and blogs.  There are a lot of people that have detailed each of Jeremy's rods, reels, and fishing tackle.  Jeremy even details some of his tackle in his own site presumably because he has been asked the question so many times.  

I thought it would be fun to do some research and identify Jeremy Wade's favorite fishing rod case.   I did some google picture searching and first found the Flambeau Outdoors Bazuka Pro Case which is close to the shape of the case that Jeremy uses but not the right case.

Next I found the Sportube that was really close to the shape and looks almost identical to Jeremy's green case.  I realized he was using a case first designed for snow skis.  This design allowed telescoping to different sizes depending on the length of the contents.  This case from sportube looked very strong.  What is missing on this picture is the large oval one can see from the first picture.  Also the wheel assembly is different and there are two handles while the target had three handles.  I went back to searching google image with some better search terms now knowing that skis were probably the hard case's design

I eventually found the right case.  It is the KIS (Keep It Safe) 210mm (larger version) Ski Case.  Notice the oval and the three handles.  KIS is a UK company (where Jeremy is from) and they have gone out of business.  The version Jeremy has is a fatigue green and is missing the transport wheel.  KIS does have a smaller version that is designed without a wheel.  These cases are available in the states on Ebay and at least 3 are currently being listed for 75-100 dollars.  


carlos gabriel hernandez said...

Hi, i recently read your article on the fishing rod case, do you think this is the one, since I'm planning on buying it.

jark said...

That is the brand and close. There are a couple of lengths and models

Albert janny said...

The china made ODM Genesis fishing rods and blanks built with nano technology have been very popular with the surf fishing community in the northeast.